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    September 21, 2020  

    Dear Parents and Guardians,  

    As we begin our third week of school, I would like to build on last week's information regarding communications and procedures if we are notified that there was a staff or student who tested positive for COVID-19. As previously discussed, all actions to be taken must be in consultation with the Nassau County Department of Health. Our goal is to be proactive and let you know ahead of time in case we need to put these procedures in place.  

    If we receive notification by the Nassau County Department of Health (DCDOH) or a “self-report” that is confirmed by the NCDOH during school hours, the following may occur. The staff or student will be home and may not have attended school for several days since test results can take up to 5 days. If it is determined that the members of a classroom may have been in close contact with the diagnosed person from 48 hours before symptoms began until the individual  last attended school, it is most likely that the teacher and the students in the classroom will be directed to quarantine for a number of days as determined by the Nassau County Department of Health. If this occurs during the school day, the parents of all students will be called, and a parent or authorized person from your family must pick up your child as soon as possible. The teacher and students will remain in the classroom until all students are sent home. The Nassau County Department of Health will continue contact tracing and any other individuals will be notified, as necessary. Please note that being within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes or being in the same room all day will be considered close contact. 

    When all students are dismissed, the classroom will be closed and will be cleaned and disinfected that evening. The rest of the school community can proceed as normal during the day unless the Department of Health directs us otherwise. 

    This year more than ever it is important that we have up-to-date contact information. Please let us know if you need to add or modify any of your contact information.  


     Cynthia Seniuk, Ed.D

     Superintendent of Schools

     North Merrick UFSD

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