Establishing a Practice Routine


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    Establishing a Practice Routine


    Dear Band and Orchestra Parents,

    The excitement of a new adventure is enough to provide an ample supply of positive motivation for the first weeks of the band/orchestra experience. Once the initial enthusiasm wears off, it is important to immediately develop wholesome practice habits that will guarantee a successful and personally gratifying process for your child. Your support and guidance will be the key factors in establishing the practice schedule insuring the attainment of musical goals.

    The most effective home rehearsal programs are based on a daily half hour dedicated to quality practice. It is suggested that you and your young musician(s) mutually agree on a practice time, and a special area of your home designated for their area of musical study. Purchasing a music stand for your child is also very important. A final five minute recital is effective in building performance confidence. Every instrumentalist enjoys the opportunity to display their talents.

    You should all have a practice record that is to be filled in by you and your child.  This sheet serves as a motivational chart that encourages and rewards good practice habits. My grading system is explained on the  back of the practice sheet. Please help in establishing a solid foundation of growth by creating a disciplined practice schedule. 

    Remember, positive reinforcement is the most effective communication you can share.  Please look for every opportunity to compliment your child as they explore their talents.  ENCOURAGEMENT IS THE KEY INGREDIENT FOR SUCCESS 

    Your thoughts and questions are encouraged. The best place to leave us messages is at 282-1835 (Fayette School).  We look forward to working together.

    Musically yours,

    Peggy Rakas, Andrew Brunson & Chris Camarata

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