Writing & Test-Taking Tips

  • Test-Taking Tips


    Read the questions first

    Look back in the story for answers

    Keep your mind on the test

    Look for new vocabulary words either written in bold or in italics

    Use clues

    Write neatly

    Begin sentences in different ways

    Take notes

    Listen carefully

    Sit up straight

    Use words you can spell

    Use interesting words

    Follow directions

    check your spelling and punctuation

    Restate the question in your answer

    Answer all parts of the question


    Don't forget to EDIT

    Plan your time wisely: don't waste time, but don't rush



    FIVE BASIC RULES to live by when answering SHORT or LONG RESPONSE QUESTIONS:

    Answer in complete sentences.

    Use all the lines given to you.

    Identify the type of question as well as the number of questions you are being asked, and be sure to answer all of them.

    Support what you say with evidence from the story - Details, Details, Details!

    Rereaad what you wrote to be sure it makes sense, and correct any errors.