Sight Words

  • Sight Words


    As part of our literacy program, your child will be learning “sight words”.  These are words that children encounter frequently in print and use frequently in their writing.  Learning these words “by sight” will assist your child in becoming a stronger reader and writer!


    Each week your child will be learning one or two new sight words.   I will send home the current sight words along with a list of any sight words we already learned for review.  It would be helpful to write the words on index cards so your child can practice reading them at home each day.


                Please review the sight words” we have learned with your child.



    Here are some fun ideas you can use to help your child practice reading their “sight words”:


    v     Make a duplicate set of cards to play the game Memory.

    Turn all the cards over face down and have them pick a card, read the word and try to find it’s match.

    v     Place the sight words in an empty container.  Invite your child to shake the container, spill out the words and read the ones that fall face up.  You can give your child a point each time a word is read correctly.   Play until your child has spilled out and read all of the words.

    v     Make a duplicate set and reserve a spot on your child’s bedroom wall to hand the words.  This “word wall” can be read anytime!

    v     Flashlight Fun.   Use the bedroom word wall or place all of the words on a table and chant this poem while holding a flashlight: 

    Flashlight, flashlight, oh so bright

    Shine on a word with your light.

              Have your child read the word that your light shines on.


    Learning these words and continuing to practice them will help your child be successful in their reading and writing.  Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education!