H.W. Packets

  • Homework 

    * Homework is given as a weekly packet.  The children are encouraged to complete one to two pages each night.  A weekly handwriting sheet to practice writing their names is also included in the packet. Homework will be given out on Monday and returned to me on Friday.  Parents please review and sign each page of your child’s H.W. 

    * Monthly Nightly Reading H.W. sheets should be completed daily as you read with your child.  Please return completed Monthly Nightly Reading logsat the end of each month.

    * Poetry Journals are usually sent home on Fridays.  Please assist your child in reading the newest poem and reviewing older poems.  Poetry Journals must be returned to school the following school day so we can continue to add our new poems.


    Homework is a review of what is being taught in school.  Children are to always do their best work when completing their assignments.  Any writing should be done in pencil. 

    If your child is having trouble with a specific page please jot me a note right on their homework. 

    Why do teachers give homework? 

    -Teachers feel homework extends learning experiences beyond the classroom and reinforces learning by giving children a chance to practice without pressure of time.

    -Homework has value as a process: one that teaches a child to organize time, work independently, use good study skills, and develop self-discipline.

    -Homework fosters good study habits and gives the child with learning problems the extra time- and the extra opportunity-to improve skills.

    -Teachers realize that homework can be the link between school and home that lets you get involved with your child's education. Your child will work better if you are interested too.

    -Homework helps children learn to be responsible and gives them a sense of control and accomplishment.


    You are helping your child with homework when you:

    -Make sure that your child has a clear surface on which to work, good natural light, and appropriate tools for doing each assignment.

    -Plan a specific time. Setting aside the same time each day develops the discipline most children need.

    -Think of homework as "help work". Homework's the perfect opportunity to review and practice with your child what's learned in the classroom. Give the encouragement and assistance your child needs, but do not do the homework for your child.

    -Work one or two examples together and make sure that your child understands the assignment.

    -Check to see that it's completed.

    -Look over your child's paper after the teacher returns it. Discuss it, and encourage your child to discuss it.

    -Keep in touch with your child's teacher to learn about what the class is studying.