Early Developing Readers

  • Characteristics of Early/Developing Readers

     Fountas & Pinnell Levels D-G


    In the early/developing stage of reading development, the student will display many of the following behaviors:


    -         Have good control of early reading strategies (directionality, one to one word matching, locating known words)


    -         Rely less on pictures and use more information from print


    -         Begin to build a core of high-frequency words known automatically


    -         Read familiar text with some phrasing and fluency


    -         Start  to attend to punctuation while reading


    -         Read using more than one source of information


    -         Begin to monitor own reading and self correct


    -         Use phonetic clues to decode (initial- final sounds, simple chunks)


    -         Begin to engage in discussions about what is read




    The above information was graciously obtained from North Merrick Literacy Center Web Site courtesy of
    Mrs. Grossman and Mrs. Macko.