Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    Dear Class 4P, 
    I am so excited to start a new year!  I hope you feel the same.  There is nothing better than sharpened pencils, a new box of crayons and the first day of school! Our class is going to be a place of wonder, exploration, and learning.  We will be reading wonderful books, writing stories, and learning many new math concepts.  In Social Studies, we will begin with geography and learn all about New York State's role in the establishment of our great country.  We will learn about the scientific method and use this knowledge to perform many different experiments. Mrs. Leavin will be working with us on developing our engineering skills using Legos!!  We will work with laptops to learn how to use programs such as Microsoft Word and others.  You will be coding!! Our class will also be taking a very exciting field trip! The destination will be announced soon!  
    I hope you are as excited to become part of the Class 4P family as I am to have you in my class.
    You can reach me at any time via email at mportmore@nmerrick.org.
    Mrs. Portmore
    (516) 489-3090