Speech Improvement

  • A speech/language screening conducted for _________________________________________ on  ______________________  indicated a need for service in the area of language.


    Speech/Language Improvement support is:

    • Designed to teach strategies and skills to assist a student in improving communication skills.
    • Provided as a short-term intervention for those needs that are remedial and treatable.
    • Implemented to remediate language weaknesses that may negatively impact your child’s success         with reading, writing, and spelling.


    As part of the Speech/Language Improvement program, parents or guardians are expected to:

    • Ensure the speech notebook is brought to school on assigned days
    • Review and reinforce homework at least ten minutes daily
    • Sign assignments when practiced
    • Encourage your child to apply newly acquired skills in school, home (with family and friends),

    and in the community


    Students will be dismissed from Speech/Language Improvement when:

    • Strategies necessary to achieve targeted goals in therapy have been learned
    • Current level of performance is maintained and further progress has not been demonstrated
    • Three (3) consecutive sessions elapse and your child is not completing specified exercises necessary for improvement on a consistent basis (i.e. incomplete homework assignments) and/or is not consistently prepared for therapy with his/her notebook


    Small-group therapy is provided by the school district.  If you consent to Speech/Language Improvement support, sessions will begin the week of ____________________. You will receive a progress report at the end of each cycle.

    Your child should bring a NOTEBOOK to school on his/her speech days.  This notebook will used exclusively for speech and language work and will serve as a permanent record of the work done in class as well as the home practice assignments completed.