Tempera Paint

  • From Thriftyfun.com:
    Removing Tempera paint from clothes is easy. Don't use washing powder, use hand soap. As it says on the back of the bottle, it works. Especially if you catch the mark when it is damp. If not, wear white to paint, you can always bleach it.

    Someone Else's (An Art Teacher - not me!) Blog Directions:
    Tempera paint is a staple in most children's art projects and in elementary classrooms. While companies such as Crayola make a washable version of tempera paint, there is no guarantee that what your child gets on their clothes at school is washable. Tempera paint is a dye stain, so it can be difficult to remove completely. You can get tempera paint out of clothes in most cases if you attend to the stain quickly and do not allow it to set for several days.

    1. Step 1 - Blot away excess paint from the garment if it is still damp. If the paint has dried, scrape away any excess before beginning stain removal.
    2. Step 2 - Apply a heavy duty liquid laundry detergent directly to the stain so that it is completely saturated. Allow it to set for at least 1 hour before rinsing out.
    3. Step 3 - Dilute oxygenated bleach powder with clear water as directed by the manufacturer's label. Soak the garment in this solution for at least 1 hour before rinsing. Oxygenated bleach powder is safe to use on colored clothing, as well as white.
    4. Step 4 - Fill a large bowl with water and add 1 to 2 capfuls of liquid bleach. Soak white or colorfast garments in this solution for up to 15 minutes. The bleach may lighten the clothing, so soak the whole item so that it will lighten equally.