Junior Chorus

  • The Junior Chorus, at both Camp Ave and OMR, is a beginner chorus of fourth grade students who wish to learn more about singing and to make music by doing so. We rehearse at 7:45AM in the music room or gym, usually from the end of the Fall until mid-Spring.  We have one concert in the Spring. 

    The group sings in different styles, genres, languages and in unison/ two-part harmony. The students are introduced to harmony through the use of rounds and partner-songs.  The chorus is introduced to the correct choral vocabulary and technigue, singing with solfeggio, using all the Curwen Hand signs and ensemble singing.

    Rehearsal days

    CAMP AVE - DAY 2 (Mrs. Lajara and Ms. Southard) 7:45 AM

    December  9, 17 

    January 4, 12, 21, 31 

    February 8, 16 

    March 3, 14, 22 

    April TBD 

    Concert TBD 

    OMR - DAY 4 - 7:45 AM

    December 21 (NO rehearsal on 12/13) 

    January 6, 14, 25,  

    February 2, 10, 18 

    March 7, 16, 24 

    April TBD 

    Concert TBD