Breathing Exercises





    1)      Diaphragmatic Hold- Take a LOW breath (belly gets fat with air) and hold for as long as you can.  Count the seconds and repeat.


    2)      Sniff-  Breathe in “through a straw” -Take 5 short breaths and fill up all the way, then 4, then 3, then 2 and finally 1.  Your shoulders should be relaxed and your belly and diaphragm do all the work!


    3)      Hiss- Take a LOW breath and hiss out the air in a steady flow!  Do not let all your air out right away.  Count the seconds and repeat.


    4)      Hum- Take a LOW breath and hum on any pitch.  Again, do not let the air out all at once and make sure there is no tension (tightness) in your throat!  Count the seconds and repeat.


    5)      Pant- Open your mouth into an “AH” position and take a LOW breath.  Your belly comes out then let out the air so your belly goes in.  Start slowly then keep repeating until you can move your belly quickly without your shoulders moving.  Pant like a dog!


    *You can record your results from 1,3,4 and 5 to see your progress.  Keeping a breathing chart is very helpful! J


    Lay on your back and place a textbook on your belly.  Take a LOW breath and the book will raise, then let out your air and the book will lower.  If the book does not rise when you breathe in, then you did not take a low breath into your belly.  Next, take a LOW breath to raise the book and hiss out the air steadily to lower the book.  The book acts as a visual aide so we can see our breath moving.