Fostering student involvement while using English appropriate to audience, purpose, and setting.

  • Edutainment is simply a strategy that incorporates activities  that develop and reinforce  language skills. Games, songs, role play, and music all naturally foster language improvement, develop fluency, and model appropriate language usage in a very nonthreatening environment. 

    Role play and skits are a practical and creative way to offer children an opportunity to interact. During such lessons, students are encouraged to express themselves with as much energy and creativity as they want, as long as they are assuming the character's personality.  The dialogue demonstrates correct use of the vocabulary and sentence structure that we have been learning. The dialogue brings the work to life and the vocabulary is so familiar at this point that the  students speak naturally and feel less self-conscious about interacting.  The final  activity involves writing.  Each unit contains reinforcement in the four areas of language acquisition:  Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Building vocabulary and modeling correct sentence structure through scripted dialogue.