• star  Star of the Week Star

    Each child will have an opportunity during the school year to be the Star of the Week. Each week, a name will be randomly chosen and that child will take home the instructions, which will explain how the papers should be decorated.  For example, you and your child might use photos, drawings, magazine pictures, clip art, scrapbooking materials, etc.  Your child can also write words or sentences on the pages. Please decorate between 8 and 12 pages, using the following topics as possible ideas:    

    • My Photo
    • My Family
    • Pet or Favorite Animal
    • Favorite Sport
    • My Family
    • Favorite TV Show
    • Favorite Book
    • My Birthday
    • Favorite Color
    • When I grow up, I want to be...
    • I really enjoy...

    The papers will be hung on a bulletin board in the classroom for the week.  On Friday, we will have a celebration and parents may come in and read a book to the class.  The parent may also bring a couple of show-and-tell items for the student to share with the class.  If at all possible, please leave siblings with a sitter.  We look forward to seeing you!