• Classroom Rules

    We raise our hands to speak.
    We sit quietly at our seats.
    We use voices soft and sweet.
    We keep our places tidy and neat.
    We are helpful, friendly, and fair.
    We take turns and willingly share.

    Our Classroom Behavior System

    Children are not good or bad; it is their behavior that is acceptable or unacceptable. Developmentally, children at this age want to please the adults in their lives.  However, there are times when they do not behave in a way that is considered acceptable. Of course, every child must be responsible for his or her actions. 

    Behavior can be modified by positive and/or negative reinforcements. These ideas are the foundation of the Traffic Light Behavior Program.  Students are positively rewarded for making good choices.  They may receive verbal praise such as, “Good job!"  Other forms of positive reinforcements which might be used include stickers, smiles, applause from the class, or other incentives. 

    Each child begins the day on a green light, but his/her name might be moved to yellow or red, depending on behavior.  At times, parents will be notified about their child's behavior. 

    Green- Way to GO!  Behavior meets or exceeds expectations.
    Yellow- WARNING!  
    Red- STOP!  5 - 10 minutes loss of free play and possibly other consequences.

    All children are encouraged to behave appropriately and kindly at all times.