• Fine-Motor Activities

    The following activities can improve your child's fine-motor skills. They should strengthen small hand muscles.  Please try to keep these activities fun and integrate them into your daily routine when possible.

    1. Pick up small objects such as coins, beads, marbles, seeds, or buttons.  Sort them into containers of varying sizes.
    2. Pick up objects like blocks, cotton balls, pom-poms, or counters using various size tongs or tweezers.
    3. Stack objects like coins, cards, checkers or blocks.
    4. Screw and unscrew caps from jars.
    5. String beads onto a shoelace.
    6. Play with Lite Brite toy.
    7. Use scissors to cut straight and curved lines or shapes drawn on paper or cloth.
    8. Play the piano.
    9. Type.
    10. Crumple paper into a small ball and flick it with a finger.
    11. Play card games.  Practice shuffling cards, dealing them one by one and turning them over.
    12. Play with Play Dough or Silly Putty.
    13. Wind thread on a spool evenly.
    14. Move spoonfuls of small objects from one bowl to another.
    15. Practice closing buttons, zippers, or hooks.  For those more advanced, tie shoelaces.
    16. Manually sharpen pencils.
    17. Put paper clips on paper.
    18. Place clothespins on the edge of a box or container or on a line.
    19. Use Wikki Stix to form shapes, letters, numbers and other designs.
    20. Color using the flat side of a crayon.  Put paper over leaves, stencils and other objects, allowing for sensory feedback.