• In order to succeed in all that you do at Camp Avenue, carefully follow the policies that apply to you as one of my amazing students. 

    Classroom Policy

    All throughout our school day, in our classroom and in all other areas of the building, you are expected to follow the rules.

    Homework Policy

    Homework will be copied in the agenda book daily. It will be given on a nightly basis. Some assignments may be due the next day, or later in the week. On occasion, students are expected to study for an upcoming test during the week and over weekends. 

    It is your responsibility to complete your homework. If you are absent from school, one of your homework buddies should bring it to you.  Your homework, whether or not it is collected, will be taken into account on your report card. Missing assignments lose 5 points on your homework grade. If an assignment is handed in late, you will receive 3 points back. 

    Homework will be checked and/or collected daily. If you have trouble completing an assignment, you can try your best; use the homework helpers online, tutorial videos; ask a friend; or ask a parent.

    If you cannot get an assignment completed due to an unforeseen event, a parent note will be acceptable.

    Snack and Water Bottle Policy

    A healthy snack will be allowed during our afternoon work (approximately 1:15). 

    Water bottles (no screw on caps) will be permitted on student desks throughout the warmer school days. If the water bottle becomes a distraction, the child will need to keep it in the closet and drink from it in between lessons.