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    Star of the Week!

    Each week a packet is sent home with a different child in our class.  The ‘Star of the Week’  presentation consists of 5 display sheets created by the 'Star' student to be put up on a special bulletin board.  The display sheets 'tell' about the student using words and pictures.

    The display will remain on the ‘Star of the Week’ bulletin board for one week. During that week, The 'Star' student will have the opportunity to make a short presentation about himself to the class.  They may also bring in a favorite book or toy to show the class.  The other children can ask questions or compliment the 'Star of the Week'.  After the presentation students write and illustrate a page depicting what they learned about the 'Star of the Week'.  Each page is compiled into a  class book that is presented to the 'Star of the Week' as a keepsake! 

    • Directions are included in this packet.
    • Your child will be presenting on only one day during their special week (usually mid- week).
    • Your child will sit in the special chair and wear their Star of the Week crown all week long!

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Kuschner