• Birthday Party Bear

    Birthday Celebrations in our Classroom

           We celebrate your child's birthday in our classroom on or about the actual birth date.  Summer birthdays are celebrated in June.  As your child's birthday nears, I will send home a memo with the date for your child's birthday celebration.  To make the day extra special, parents are invited to come in to school and read to our class on your child's birthday celebration day.  We will schedule a time for you to come in.  Please note that siblings may NOT come in at this time.

    Birthday celebrations take place during our snack time (approx. 1:20 pm). 

    •  To make your child's birthday special, I suggest sending in special birthday plates and napkins for all the children.  Please make sure you send in enough for 20 children plus a few extras.  Bring the supplies to our classroom first thing in the morning on the day of your child's birthday celebration.
    • You may send in a special treat just for your child.  Please DO NOT send in any food items for the class.
    • Please do not send in goody bags for the class on your child's birthday
    • If you would like me to send home birthday invitations in the children's take home folders, you must send to all children in the class or just boys / just girls.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know as soon as possible.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Kuschner