• Teacher Sitting at a Desk

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to my classroom! My goal is for your child to have an exciting and successful year in Kindergarten. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can always call the school at (516) 489-3090 and leave a message for me to call you or send a note in your child’s Take-Home folder. I am always willing to schedule a conference with you at a mutually convenient time! You may also email me at skuschner@nmerrick.org, however I do not always have the opportunity to check my email during the school day.

    My classroom website is full of information, resources, links and classroom activities.

    School Hours: School begins promptly at 8:25a.m. and ends at 2:45p.m.

    Attendance: A successful school experience is the responsibility of the children, the parent and the school. Your child's progress, both academically and socially, is influenced to a great extent by daily participation. Regular attendance without tardiness is important. If your child is absent for any reason, you must send in a note to me upon their return to school.

    Dismissal: 2:45 pm. You must send a written note or contact the office at (516) 489-3090 if you wish your child to be released to another adult. If no written note or phone call is received, your child will not be permitted to be sent home with another parent.

    School Work: Please look in your child's backpack every day. Be positive and value the work your child has done at school. Your child will have a daily Take-Home folder to carry back and forth to school in his/her backpack.

    Our Kindergarten Literacy Program will instill a desire to learn to read and write, develop phonemic awareness, encourage letter and sound recognition, teach essential language and print concepts, and extend vocabulary.  We use the Fountas & Pinnell Classroom literacy program supplemented with FUNdations. We will also introduce sight words weekly.  Students will be engaged in Interactive, Shared and Guided Reading, as well as Writing Workshop, Interactive Writing, Writing Journals and Literacy Centers.

    Our Kindergarten Math Program is EnVisions MATH Common Core.  EnVision MATH is built from the ground up to teach the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and organized around the Common Core Domains. These practices promote student success in math.  This program develops conceptual understanding through daily Problem-Based Interactive Learning and step-by-step Visual Learning.  In addition to EnVisions we do fun literature based and thematic math games and projects in our classroom.

    Kindergarten Science and Social Studies: Kindergarten Science and Social Studies concepts will be taught using trade books, shared big books and charts, experiments and classroom projects that revolve around specific topics and themes. We will be receiving a weekly LET'S FIND OUT magazine that addresses many science and social studies concepts throughout the year AND helps us practice our reading skills. Our Social Studies and Science topics are also addressed across the curriculum through authentic texts.

    Lunch: is scheduled daily from 11:35-12:25. Your child can choose to bring his/her lunch each day or buy lunch at school. If your child brings lunch to school, please label the lunch box or bag with your child's name. Lunch may be purchased each day or you may go online to purchase a lunch card. If you are sending in lunch money for your child, please send it in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name, my name and lunch money written on the front of the envelope. If you would like a free/reduced lunch form please let me know or contact the school office at 489-3090.

    Snacks: We have snack time every afternoon at approximately 1:20 pm. Please send in a small healthy snack and drink daily. Some suggestions for healthy snacks include: popcorn, fruit, vegetables, raisins, pretzels or yogurt. You can purchase a snack drink to be delivered to our classroom each morning using the snack drink order form which will be sent home in your child's Take-Home folder. 

    Star of the Week: Your child will have an opportunity to shine as our STAR of the WEEK! Your child's STAR of the WEEK bulletin board and presentation will help us learn about their favorite things and unique qualities that make them special. We will make a keepsake class book all about your child that week! I will send home a Star of the Week information packet a few weeks prior to your child's scheduled turn.

    Birthdays: 'Birthday' plates and napkins may be sent to school on your child's birthday and a parent is invited to come in as a guest reader on that day. You may also send in a special cupcake for your child only. No food items sent in will be distributed to the class and please do not send in goodie bags! I will send home an information notice prior to your child's birthday. We celebrate summer birthdays in June, so you will have an opportunity to send in 'birthday' plates and napkins and read to the class for your child's birthday at this time.

    Scholastic Book Orders: Your child will have the opportunity to order books for your home library each month. The book orders are from Scholastic Books and will be sent home each month attached to a newsletter. I have a link available for you to be able to purchase books from Scholastic on-line using a credit card as well.

    Specials: Your child will participate in out of room specials including Computers, Art, Music, Library and P.E.  To view a schedule of days and times, click the go to my KK Specials Schedule Page.

    Communication: All communication will be sent home in your child's backpack. It is important to check your child's Take-home folder daily and take out old papers and notices! Remind students each morning that is their responsibility to get their Take-home folder out of their backpack and put it in the inbox. Please send all correspondence in your child's Take-home folder.

    Discipline: Our classroom rules encourage being respectful and include: Be kind to others; Raise your hand to speak; Listen while others are talking; Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself; Always do your best work! I strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment in which we work and live as a team in our classroom.

    We use a Great Choices visual system posted in our room to help the kids remember our rules and consider their behavior. Each child begins their day on the green (great choices). If a child has difficulties following any of our room rules I will give a verbal reminder to the child. If the negative behavior continues the child moves to yellow (change behavior). If negative behaviors continue their name is moved to red (stop) and I will send home a notice regarding their behavior. At times a child’s name may be moved to purple. This is ‘better than good’, role model behavior. Your child will receive a special note if they were ‘Role Models’ for the day.

    All students return to green after lunch so they have the opportunity to make better choices the second half of the day. Fighting, dangerous or disruptive behaviors that keep others from learning or being safe will be addressed immediately.   I will always contact you if a situation occurs that needs to be discussed. If for any reason I feel your child will benefit from an individual behavior plan I will contact you so that together we can discuss our options. It is important to me that we keep our lines of communication open and work together to meet your child’s needs.

    I am excited to be your child's teacher. Thank you for sharing your child with me!


    Mrs. Kuschner


    Snack: daily each morning

    Lunch and Recess: 11:35-12:25 daily