• Teddy Reading Art

    Weekly Poetry Journal

    A weekly Poetry Journal is a wonderful tool for early literacy, especially for teaching phonemic awareness. We focus on high frequency words, word count, letter count and many other skills.

    Each week a new poem will be introduced to the class. They are displayed on the chart easel all week long. We read them together throughout the week. After introducing the poems, the kids come up and point to ‘sight words’ (high frequency words) in the poem and underline them. We might also find rhyming words, letters, number words, clap out phonemes, etc.

    Students get a small copy of the poem to glue into their Poetry Journals. We go through the poems together. We may count words in lines and the number of lines in the poem. We circle certain letters, look for words that start with certain letters and find rhyming words. We highlight the ‘sight words’ (high frequency words) and underline color words with the matching color.  

    The poetry journal is sent home for you to help your child read new poems and review old one. Parents are to sign the bottom of the new poem after reading it with your child.

     **Please remember to send the Poetry Journals back to school the following school day!