• I thought it would be helpful to provide a brief overview of the writing process. The writing process follows specific stages. 


    Typically, Early Emergent writing begins with scribbles, squiggles and lines to represent words.   During the Emergent writing stage, children begin to string together random letters to represent ‘words’.  Transitional writing begins as children begin mastering the letter sounds correspondence.  Beginning transitional writing will often consist of the first consonant sound to represent a word.  Next, ending consonant sounds are included in the words.  Gradually, medial consonants and vowel sounds appear as children sound out words as they write.  Words start to become more easily deciphered as they become increasingly phonetic in structure.

    In Kindergarten writing is not expected to be correctly spelled.  We call this phonetic writing ‘kindergarten’ or ‘inventive’ spelling.  As writing matures there is an increased use of conventional spelling and sentence structure. 


    The ABC Chart is a tool the children use in school to help them when they are sounding out words to write.  If they need help figuring out the letter sound needed to ‘write’ a word, they use the pictures on the chart to help them identify the letter needed.  The children are encouraged to write words using their ‘kindergarten spelling’.  The only words expected to be spelled correctly are the ‘red’ words we have learned.  It is so important to review the ‘red’ words and letter sounds with your child so they may become successful readers and writers.


    I hope this information is helpful.  If you have any questions, please let me know.