• Detective Art

    We have an exciting program in our classroom in which parents and invited community members come in as a Mystery Guest Reader

    Shhh... Remember to keep it a secret so the children can guess who our Mystery Guest Reader is!

    Interested parents can sign up for a date to be  our Mystery Guest Reader.  I will send home a confirmation note in a sealed envelope with the date and time you are scheduled to come in to read.  The Mystery Readers are asked to write three clues ahead of time so that the class has a chance to guess who our Mystery Guest Reader will be!

    You may bring in any picture book to read aloud that you feel the children will enjoy listening to.  I am happy to offer suggestions of titles if needed.  I respectfully request that parents do not bring siblings, snacks or special treats into our classroom when they are guest readers.

     If you have any questions or are unable to make your scheduled time and date, please notify me as soon as possible.