• Class Policies

    In our classroom we are always on the look out for good behavior. We use this behavior chart  to keep your child focused, on task and to srive for excellence throughout the day.

    behavior chart  
    Every day your child's name will be on good day. This means they were doing exactly what was expected of them throughout the day.  They stayed on task, paid attention, participated, followed class rules, displayed good behavior and were kind to others.  If we catch your child going above the norm, we will move their name up throughout the day. Moving up on the chart will be rewarded. Also if your child is not behaving or working up to his or her potential, they will move down. This will result in a consequence. I will notify you if these behaviors occur.
    The children also, each have a punch card.  The children earn punches on their card when they are caught doing good behaviors.  When the punch card is filled they earn a trip to the prize box. 
    Please be sure to check in with your child every day to find out where they were on the behavior chart and how many punches they've earned.