• Behavior Policy

    In order to help us remember to be respectful of others  and responsible, each child received a card with the letters:

    R  E  S  P  E  C  T   F  U  L


    R E S P O N S I B L E

    As long as your child remembers to be respectful in school, and display good behavior and listening skills, they will keep all of their letters for RESPECTFUL. If they don’t, a letter will be crossed off each time they don’t make a good choice. After they cross off a letter, they will write a sentence next to that letter explaining what poor choice they made.  

    In addition, as long as they are responsible, they will keep all of their letters for RESPONSIBLE. A letter will be crossed off each time they display irresponsible behavior such as forgetting to do their homework, forgetting to return something that needs to be signed by the due date, or not completing an assignment/project/report on time. 

    After 4 letters have been crossed off from either word, you will receive a phone call from me and their report card grade will be affected for those areas. If letters continue to be crossed off in any one marking period (which I know will not happen to anyone) the report card grade for that area will not be higher than an N for that marking period. Children who keep ALL of their letters during the marking period will be rewarded with a one night homework pass to use on the night of their choice!