• Homework is an integral part of sixth grade.  The purpose of homework is to give you the opportunity to practice skills and develop good work habits. Some important things you should know about homework:

    1. You will have homework on most nights, Monday through Thursday.  You are responsible to have it completed by the next school day unless otherwise specified.                                                                                               
    2. Some homework assignments will be collected and graded.                                                                                   
    3. When tests and quizzes are returned to you, they must be signed and returned.  It is not your parents’ homework to sign it; it is your homework to show it to them (with a pen in your hand) and have them sign it.                                                                                                                                                                               
    4. If you are not able to complete an assignment on a given night, you must bring in a note from a parent, however this does not excuse you from completing the assignment.                                                                                         
    5. You will be given a Missed Homework Folder.  If an assignment is not completed or forgotten at home, it will be written on the folder and must be made up the following day.  The folder will be sent home at the end of each school week.  A parent signature on the folder will be required at the end of each week next to the assignments you have missed.  This is your weekend homework and will be a missed assignment if not signed. The folder does not need to be signed if all homework was completed.                                                                                  
    6. Each marking period, you will get a homework grade for each subject that will count as a test grade.  Beginning with a 100, two points will be deducted for each assignment not completed.