• Born in New York, Michelle lived on the Upper West Side until the age of 3. Michelle and her mother moved to Maine where she lived with her mother and grandmother. Michelle and her family moved back to New York where she attended P.S. 166. 

    After graduating college, Michelle accepted a position working for WNBC, New York, where she worked with Len Berman on the local sportscast. Moving from NBC, she accepted a fulltime position at CBS Network Sales. While working in sales, Michelle was selected to host various sporting events, such as the NFL, U.S. Open and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. At the same time, Michelle began working weekends for CBS Sports, beginning with updating the sports ticker live on all sporting events. Eventually, Michelle would be the first woman selected to work in the control room for the NFL and College Basketball as a remote coordinator. It was Michelle’s ability to keep her composure and her drive to be perfect, while working under intense pressure, that earned her spot for the next four years. 

    Continuing to work for CBS Sports on the weekend, Michelle decided to move away from sales and into advertising where she would become a business manager. Her role included managing multimillion dollar budgets for the largest brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Verizon Wireless, Proctor & Gamble, and Denny’s to name a few. Michelle negotiated production, music license and celebrity contracts for her productions. Michelle worked closely with legal counsel to ensure all aspects of production were handled and avoided any lawsuits. For the 25 years Michelle worked on these businesses, not one production had to write off any losses and no law suits arose. 

     In 2007, Michelle gave birth to her first child, Danielle. Realizing that weddings and corporate events do not lend time at home on weekends, Michelle put family first, and returned to advertising. Michelle and her husband Peter sold their co-op in Bayside and in 2010 bought a house in North Merrick. In 2011, Michelle gave birth to her second child, Jason. Michelle has become an active member of her children’s school as well as the North Merrick community. Michelle is passionate about the mental health and safety issues surrounding children today, so much so that three years ago, Michelle, her daughter Danielle and the school principal, Ms. DeLuca, initiated the celebration of International Day of Happiness. Pharrell Williams, along with the United Nations established March 20 as International Day of Happiness. There are 10 components that make up what it means to be happy within yourself. This year, Michelle brought a GRIT program to the school. Working closely with administration and the school coaches, the six-week program was a huge success. This is extremely important for the young generation to learn, and it also lends itself to an anti-bullying mission. 

    Michelle served on the Technology Committee this past school year. She is passionate about all education aspects for our children of North Merrick. Michelle is committed to be an advocate for all children in our district, and to serve as a representative for all taxpayers.