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My masking sketch....3.16.2020
My supplies
  • Tuesday 3/17 HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY So, I was able to gather some supplies for my 'masking' journal entry. I'm sure I have more stuff somewhere but it was late and I was being lazy. In my desk, in my kitchen, I found a few Sharpies, most of a set of colored pencils, a notebook my son barely used back in middle school (why did he need a band notebook anyhow??). I had no masking tape so I used 3M scotch tape, not great. I drew a sunset in colored pencils, put down my mask (stripes of scotch tape), then wrote the lyrics to 'You Are My Sunshine' in ultra-fine (skinny) Sharpie. I carefully peeled back my tape. The tape stuck a little too much even though I was super careful. Lastly, inspired by my recent "The Dot" door decoration at Old Mill Road, I added a "swirly gold" frame to my journal. I think I am going to continue to journal all week, maybe some non-art stuff too. Also with my free time, I am going to look into:

    -Is scotch tape from Scotland? My auto-correct seems to want an upper case letter.

    If you want to share your masking journal page with me snap a pic and email it to jmarciana@nmerrick.org. 

    Until next time......