• Welcome back! This week I invite you to sketch a chair, any chair! On your chair or next to your chair place an item that is meaningful to you. Often we discuss how art tells a story, just like a book or a movie. Allow your sketch to tell a story. You can add words if you'd like, or not! 

    I have posted some paintings by some famous and some not-as-famous artists of chairs. All of the paintings include an item that helps tell a story. Try to read the stories they have written in their paintings.

    I will post my sketch mid-week. If you'd like to share yours, snap a picture and email it to me: jmarciana@nmerrick.org

    I have also included some step-by-step chair drawing instructions and images. 





So many different kinds of chairs!
Vincent Van Gogh
How-to-draw a sofa chair
How-to-draw a dining chair
Grahme Sydney
Harry Brodsky
Paul Gauguin
How-to-draw an armchair
Daniel Pollera