• Weekly Spelling Words

     Please follow same weekly format to be completed in Homework Notebook by Friday of each week. Write each word 3 times each. Write an interesting sentence for each word. Write your words in ABC order. Study for spelling test on Friday.


    Week 20 Words: goal, soap, float, toast, toad, coat, road, boat, load, throat (challenge word: hibernation)

    Week 21 Words:  tree, feet, deep, keep, seed, sweet, sheet, street, sleep, free (challenge word: leprechaun)

    Week 22 Words:  rain, pain, train, main, stain, chain, drain, grain, plain, again (challenge word: springtime)

    Week 23 Words:  hard, star, farm, scarf, shark, bark, smart, card, park, sharp (challenge word: gardener)

    Week 24 Words:  girl, first, bird, dirt, shirt, skirt, chirp, third, stir, circus (challenge word:  blossom)