• A Special Message to Students from the Superintendent

    This is Dr. Seniuk with my weekly update. Today’s message is intended for the students specifically. A letter for parents will be sent home later this afternoon.

    To all of my North Merrick students in kindergarten through grade 6, I know the last few months, and especially the last couple of weeks since this time of year is the most special time for most, have not been easy, and everyone is experiencing different feelings which may include sadness, fear, frustration, loss or dismay.  But along with students all around the world, you are so mindful and aware of the importance of staying home to continue your education and keep you and your family safe.  You understand how to work cooperatively and treat others with kindness, compassion and in friendship. You understand what it means to exhibit good character and model citizenship, and you not only learned that in your classrooms, but first and foremost at home from your family.  For all of this, and so many other reasons, I am so very proud of each and every one of you. 

    And I do not stand alone in this belief…….your parents, teachers and principals are also very proud of you.  As a team, we will protect and guide you as you grow and contribute your exceptional gifts to the world as global citizens. It gives me hope that troubling and difficult times like these often contain important lessons to help us improve our community, nation and the world.  Tomorrow has endless potential and infinite possibilities because I believe you will rise from this experience even more prepared and determined to create a better future.  Be proud of all you have accomplished and look forward to all that is to come.  I send you my very best as we approach the finish line of this school year! 

    Be well and stay safe, and I cannot wait until the next time we see each other again!