• October 2020

    Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

    I am happy to report that the new school year in the North Merrick School District has gotten off to a positive and productive start! We are reimagining the school day thanks to the resilience of our students, parents, faculty, and staff. Both the in-person and virtual teaching and learning models are running smoothly, and everybody is so happy to be back in the school routine.  Our district is adapting and modifying as needed, whether that means our physical education teachers are being heard more clearly through megaphones or our classroom teachers are conversing with their students through microphone headsets, or that arrival procedures have been tweaked for a more streamlined entry to school. 

    Meet the Teacher Night was held virtually and was a great success. Instrumental music lessons are also being taught virtually before and after school, and the WINGS program, along with clubs, are being redesigned as virtual after-school activities. Even field trips will be taken virtually, and our district will participate in a variety of rich programs from local cultural institutions, such as Hechscher Park and the Cradle of Aviation Museum. This month, the Reopening Task Force and sub-committees will reconvene to provide more feedback and suggestions. We are continuing to innovate and create a nurturing school environment for our students. North Merrick is making it happen each and every school day!

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. Cynthia Seniuk

Dr. Cynthia Seniuk, Superintendent