The North Merrick School Community resolves to nurture, guide and challenge children to maximize their potential and become contributors to society.



    It is the mission of the North Merrick School Community to develop individuals who respect themselves and others, are flexible, open-minded, self-motivated, and capable of relating to and communicating with others.  These individuals should be able to function independently and cooperatively, be conversant with technology, have the ability to access and process as well as analyze data, and be able to solve problems.



    • To provide programs which foster the development of ethical decision-making as well as human relations skills and attitudes to enable children to become responsible, respectful citizens.
    • To develop a learning environment in which students will be actively engaged in higher-level thinking and problem solving, thereby providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities to find solutions to real-life problems.
    • To foster the development of knowledge and skills to enable and motivate students to become lifelong learners.
    • To provide diversified educational and cultural experiences that promote the development of multifaceted individuals.
    • To provide training for teachers and parents to understand new program requirements and teaching methodologies as well as forge strong partnerships among families, schools and communities.
    • To recognize students, teachers and parents for their accomplishments and contributions to the schools and the community.