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  • Challenge your critical thinking skills with Breakout EDU tasks.  

    BreakoutEDU is the immersive learning platform that brings the challenges of an escape room to you digitally!


    Since school is closed for an extended period of time as a result of recent events, here is a collection of digital games that students can play at home. Students can click on any game and start playing!



  • . The district library program provides students with the space where curiosity is piqued, questions are posed and answered, topics are investigated, research skills are developed, literature is read and appreciated, literary tastes are developed, and independent learning and critical thinking is promoted. District libraries offer print and non-print resources in varied formats. Students gain exposure to a full range of genres, including poetry, folktales, biography, historical fiction, fantasy, and realistic fiction, as well as non-fiction titles that address a full spectrum of interests on topics from all major subject areas. Each library functions as the information center of the school.

    Check out the school library webpages by clicking on the links below:

    Camp Avenue School Library

    H. D. Fayette School Library

    Old Mill Road School Library

    Visit the Research Framework link to see information about the launching of a K-6 research initiative! 




     "Let books be ambassadors that introduce our students to the world they live in."
                                        --Gene Luen Yang

  • Christine Talbot
    Technology and Library Media Coordinator

    Camp Avenue School Library:

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