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    Mrs Kuschner and Ms Romero's


    If you have not yet, please join Google Classroom through the email Ms. Romero sent to parents ASAP. (Assignments will be posted there beginning 3/24.) Children should be completeing approximately 2 hours of schoolwork per day. This can be continuous or done at different times. Please do not hesistate to contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.


    To contact me anytime, you can:

    * Call the main office at 516-489-3090

    * send me an email at bromero@nmerrick.org

    * send message on remind 101


    In the meantime, your child can work on the following...

    • Read picture books and discuss characters, plot, setting and author's purpose.
    • Read poems in Poetry Journal.
    • Observe & discuss illustrations/photographs in books.
    • Review sight words taught (read and write them.)
    • Practice writing letters A-Z upper and lower case and numbers 1-100.
    • Practice counting by 1's, 2's, and 10's.
    • Go to Pearson website (passwords were sent home) and explore various topics. (We have completed all lessons through 11-4.)
    • Go to starfall.com or abcya.com and read, play games, and do math. 
    • Read booklets which we've been sending home all year.

    • Play board games.

    • Do puzzles.

    • Write notes to your classmates.

    • Write a story and/or write about your day(s) in a journal.