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    Welcome to Mrs. Paras' First Grade Class!

    In math, we are continuing our study of addition, which includes adding doubles and near doubles.   


    In reading, we are comparing fiction and nonfiction.  During independent reading time, the students have been studying the different features of each.  The students have also been introduced to their Reader's Notebooks and have begun to write responses to the reading lessons.


    In writing, we have begun our personal narrative unit on Small Moments.  The students have learned about the characteristics of small moment stories and have written a few pieces about their lives.  They are learning how to plan a story by themselves and with a partner by using their "story" hand and by sketching their story across the pages of a booklet.


    In science, we have begun our study of magnets.  The students are listening to various texts, and we are charting facts about magnets.  Some of the vocabulary includes attract, repel, magnetic, magnetic field, north pole and south pole.  The students will be participating in exciting magnet experiments and fun magnet centers.  


    Everyone is also working on being a bucket filler rather than a bucket dipper.  We read the story Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud to learn about bucket filling.  Now, each student has a "bucket" for pom poms.  Each time they do something kind, caring or helpful, they can put a pom pom in their buckets.



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