• Enjoy the winter!


    Welcome to Mrs. Rothman's Class Web Page!!

    Here are a few classroom updates!

    In reader's and writer's workshop we are working on our non-fiction genre! We are learning about different text structures and text features that help our comprehension. We are also immersed in writing our persuasive essays.

    In science we just took our quiz on animal adaptations and are excited to start a new unit on food chains and food webs soon,

    In math we are working on understanding the concepts of multiplication and division. We are applying our knowledge to games and word problems. Keep practicing those facts to gain fluency. We will soon be starting our unit on fractions,.

    In social studies we will be starting our unit on the European exlplorers who influenced the land that later became New York including Christopher Columbus, Giovanni de Verrazano, and Henry Hudson.

    Check back for more updates soon!!

    email- jrothman@nmerrick.org

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