Welcome to Camp Avenue School!

  • Camp Avenue Elementary School, built in 1923 with two subsequent expansions, is celebrating its ninety-third birthday.  It is the three story "grand dame" of the North Merrick school community.  All of us are proud of our students' successes, both academically and socially.  Our philosophy of being kind, caring, and helpful to everyone, is augmented by the importance of children learning to always include others.


    Many exciting events are scheduled to take place during the fall season, including:

    • Back to School Night
    • Back to School Picnic
    • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Halloween Festivities and Parade
    • Fall Book Fair  
    • Cultural Arts Assemblies 
    • Fall Festival

    This year brings about many exciting changes to the core instructional program. Room 10 was transformed into a S.T.E.M. lab / Maker Space.  Individual classes will be given the opportunity to engage in hands-on investigation across a variety of topics.   This includes a new 4th Grade Land Formations Unit (with Stream Tables) and LEGO exploration.  The portable computer labs (8) will be utilized in conjunction with research and reporting.  A hallway Interactive Board was installed just outside the computer lab.  Individual students and whole classes will have the opportunity to use this exciting and highly engaging technology.  The District is beginning its formal implementation of the Lucy Calkins Units of Study Writing Program.  Lastly, a new story area has been incorporated into the library. This is sure to become a favorite gathering place.

  • Dr. Hillary Bromberg, Principal



    Trish Simmons, Principal's Secretary

    Pat Latona, Main Office Secretary



    Mari Titterton, Nurse


    *Please call in absences before 8:45 a.m.


    Kyle Schwartz, School Psychologist