Computer Use in Education

  • The North Merrick Board of Education is committed to optimizing student learning and teaching. The Board considers student access to a computer network, including the Internet, to be a powerful and valuable educational and research tool, and encourages the use of computers and computer-related technology in district classrooms solely for the purpose of advancing and promoting learning and teaching.

    The computer network can provide a forum for learning various software applications and through online databases, bulletin boards and electronic mail, can significantly enhance educational experiences and provide statewide, national and global communication opportunities for staff and students.  The computer network is not to be used by staff, employees, or students for any use other than sending or receiving communications from parents of students in relation to educational issues regarding the children.  

    All users of the district’s computer network and the Internet must understand that use is a privilege, not a right, and that use entails responsibility. 

    The Superintendent of Schools shall establish regulations governing the use and security of the district's computer network.  All users of the district’s computer network and equipment shall comply with this policy and those regulations. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action as well as suspension and/or revocation of computer access privileges.

    The Superintendent shall be responsible for designating a computer network coordinator to oversee the use of district computer resources. The computer coordinator will prepare in-service programs for the training and development of district staff in computer skills, and for the incorporation of computer use in appropriate subject areas.

    The Superintendent, working in conjunction with the designated purchasing agent for the district, the computer network coordinator, the district administrators for business and instruction will be responsible for the purchase and distribution of computer software and hardware throughout district schools. They shall prepare and submit for the Board's approval a comprehensive multi-year technology plan which shall be revised as necessary to reflect changing technology and/or district needs.