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  • Spring Virtual Recitals

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    Dear North Merrick Music Community, 

    It has certainly been a difficult year for us all. It was a challenge to reimagine what an instrumental music program could be, but with support of North Merrick's Board of Education, Central Administration, families, and students we made it work and kept our students playing throughout the pandemic.  

    As things return to relative normalcy, we look forward to resuming our traditional instrumental music programs, in-person this summer and next fall. Of course, we will continue to follow all state and local health guidelines, as necessary.  

    We would like to thank our North Merrick music students especially. Their dedication, resilience, and flexibility kept our program going, and we are very proud of the progress they have been able to make under these unique circumstances.  

    Without further ado, we proudly present our first (and hopefully last) virtual recital program. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to your children and their classmates perform on their instruments. We look forward to being able to make music once again with them all together and in-person very soon!  

    Until then… 

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    Musically yours,

    The North Merrick Instrumental Music Department

    Recital Videos:


    Harold D. Fayette School

    Old Mill Road School




    Junior Orchestra (4th Grade)

    Senior Orchestra Recital (5th & 6th Grade)


     “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”


    The North Merrick music program provides a variety of "hands-on" musical experiences designed to encourage self-expression, creative performance, and acquisition of major musical elements such as rhythm, harmony, melody and notation. Through opportunities to play rhythmic and melodic instruments, learn musical notation, and listen to a variety of the finest forms of musical expression, students come to learn about, enjoy and appreciate the world of music. In addition to stimulating the intellectual and emotional growth of students, the music curriculum is designed to contribute to the students' understanding of our a variety of cultural music traditions and styles.

    Opportunities are provided for student involvement in the instrumental music program in fourth grade. As students gain proficiency, they join the junior band or orchestra, district band, or district orchestra as well as advanced ensembles including: Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band in 5th & 6th grade.