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Enrichment For All

Enrichment For All Workshops

Grades 1-2

Marshmallow Towers – Mrs. Hooker - Can you build the tallest marshmallow tower with your team?  During this session, students will work together to create the tallest free-standing marshmallow tower that they can build given the materials provided.

Den Builders- Mrs. Sokol - Polar bears do not hibernate in the winter. If a female polar bear is going to have a cub she needs a den. Who can make some dens?

Yoga – Ms. Winkel - Do you need to RELAX? Join Ms. Winkel as we travel into a relaxed space of yoga, meditation and stress relievers.

Blocks and Builders – Ms. Hocevar, Ms. Albanese, Mrs. Gingrich, Ms. Nielson - Students will work together to complete various STEM activities.  Students will work on team-work, communication, critical thinking, problem solving and deductive reasoning skills.  Students will be grouped into small groups and cycle between 4 stations facilitated by the instructors.
*Make a Spider Web – Playdoh & straws
*Build a Cup Tower
*Create a Maze for Hexabugs – Legos, Hexabugs, paper towel rolls, etc.
*Teddy Bear Bridge – teddy bear counters, cups & Popsicle sticks
*Character House – cube counters & paper character
All activities are hands-on and require students to communicate while incorporating fine motor skills

Teaching Character Through Board Games - Coach Smith - From board games to the ball field; reinforcing good sportsmanship through board games. Learn what it means to "be a good sport" while playing simple board games that can also be played at home. We will also be discussing some of the other character traits from our Pillars of Character that can be found in sportsmanship.

The Three Little Pigs Need Help! – Mrs. Castle - HELP WANTED: Construction Crew Needed  The Three Little Pigs need help designing a house that will keep them safe from the BIG Bad Wolf!

Grades 3-4

Games Around the World – Mrs. Giordano - Have you ever wondered what games children play in other countries?  In this session, you will have the opportunity to learn all about some games children play in other countries.  You will also have fun creating your own board game based on a game from “around the world,” and even have the opportunity to play your game with your classmates!

Tangram Tales – Mrs. Macko - Do you think you can solve an ancient Chinese puzzle?  During this session, you will be exploring tangrams.  You will create your own tangram picture and write a “Tangram Tale” to go along with it.

Oobleck: What's the Matter – Mrs. Portmore - Matter is everywhere and can be categorized into three different categories: solid, liquid or gas.  The Scientific Method is composed of various steps to test and prove ideas.  These steps include make an observation, form a question, conduct an experiment, analyze data, draw a conclusion.   In this lesion, students will use the scientific method to investigate a Non-Newtonian fluid, which acts as a solid or a liquid depending on the force being applied to them.

Become an Engineer – Mrs. Caminiti - Become an engineer! Come have a blast we build amazing structures using simple materials.

Welcome to Paris – Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Kotler -  Bonjour! Welcome to Paris! Take a stroll through French history, culture and language.  We will explore the Eiffel Tower; play French games; create a picture dictionary and take selfies in “Paris”.

Building Teamwork (and Bridges) – Mrs. Acevedo and Ms. Rodriguez - Are you up for a challenge?  Working as a team, do you think you can build the strongest bridge or the tallest tower?  There is only one rule that you must follow.  You can use ONLY clothespins, binder clips and popsicle sticks.

Tesselation Art – Ms. Truono - Learn how to create a mathematical piece of artwork!  In this session, we will use pattern blocks to create our own original piece of art!

Grades 5-6

Bringing the Past to Life – Mrs. Kelley - Learn how to be a history detective! Explore history from readers’ theater scripts.

Keep Calm and Color On – Ms. Strow - Keep calm and color with me! Let's be mindful and play JENGA. Mindfulness can improve our overall sense of well-being. Join me to color, play, relax, listen to music, and enjoy every moment.


Poetry Through Art – Mrs. Drewes - Unleash your inner artist and poet!  During this session, we will be creating seasonal crayon resist paintings using water colors.  Our paintings will inspire us to write poetry using vivid adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors and silver dollar words.

The 7 Chakras – Mr. Chan - Learn about the glowing colorful energy centers and where they belong in your body.  Use this awareness to manage emotions and to create positive interactions.

Fantasy Sports - Coach McDaid - Do you like watching pro sports?  Have you ever wished you could draft your very own team?  If this is something that has always interested you come learn how to play fantasy sports!!

Music as Secret Code – Mr. Beck - Break the code!  Save the world!  We will explore using tones to create secret messages!  Send secret messages to friends and family.  Can they break the code?

Learning Improvisation is Easy and Fun! – Mr. Willis - During this session we will be exploring the world of jazz improvisation.  Learn how to play creative easy improvisations using simple rhythms and the Bb blues scale.