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Celebrating Our Dedicated Staff

At Convocation, which kick starts the new school year for staff, employees were honored for their dedicated service from 5 to 25 years!

Five Years Service

Five Years of Service: Grace Alphin (OMR), Matthew Battaglia (OMR), Louise Casella (HDF), Susan Leiner (OMR), Sheryl Lerner (HDF), Christina Moser (OMR), Lori-Ann Rotella (OMR), Mark Ruiz (HDF), and Danielle Sullivan (HDF).

Ten Years of Service

Ten Years of Service: Patricia Hamm (HDF), James Winston (Camp), Stella Kalaboukas (HDF), Karen Kenney (HDF), Erika Moeller (OMR), Michael Riggio (Districtwide), and Mari Titterton (Camp).

Fifteen Years of Service

Fifteen Years of Service: Sham Chaudhry (HDF), Amanda Giordano (HDF), Andrea Giordano (Camp), Mary Haggerty (OMR), Dr. Joseph Hoffman (OMR), Monique LaPenna (OMR), Nancy McCune (HDF), Howard Merims (HDF), and Christine Talbot (Camp).

Twenty Years of Service

Twenty Years of Service: Jeanne Harold (Camp), Lisa Linge (OMR), Christopher Monaco (OMR), Babette Nicosia (Central Office), and Alissa Palen (Camp).

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Twenty-Five Years of Service: Deborah Walsh (OMR).