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North Merrick Faculty and Staff Service Awards

North Merrick School District congratulates faculty and staff who have reached these impressive milestone years of dedicated service!

Five Years: Lotus Cancellerich (Camp), Christine Cardo (HDF), Joanne Constantino (OMR), and Christopher Edom (HDF).

Ten Years: Leslie Cloth (OMR) and Maureen Schmitz (HDF).

Fifteen Years: Alyson Acevedo (HDF), Kristen Dombrowsky (OMR), Yasmeen Haque (HDF), Dana Jurik (OMR), Jessican Marciana (OMR), Kathy Monniello (OMR), and Tinamarie Silverman (HDF).

Twenty Years: Veronca Giglia (Camp), Jeannette Gingrich (HDF), Kimberly Goltermann (OMR), Patricia Latona (Camp), Carrie Levitt (OMR), KimBlee Metzger (Camp), Christine Paras (Camp), and Irene Ruditser (Camp).

Twenty-five Years: Linda Casillo (OMR), Donna Fox (HDF), Angela Greco (OMR), Karen Nolan (Camp), Lisa Sokol (HDF), Jennifer Strow (HDF), Suzanne Winkel (HDF), and Nicole Ziminski (OMR).

Thirty Years: Debra Morello (OMR) and Marci Raschen (HDF).


Debra Morello


Marci Raschen

Marci Raschen