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Sixth Grade Field Day

North Merrick sixth graders participated in the annual Field Day on June 8 on the H. D. Fayette School fields.

The students were organized by shirt color, so they mingled with their peers among the three district schools.

They had the opportunity to select both team relay races and individual athletic events. There were seven races: 6x100 relay, obstacle relay, shuttle relay, tennis relay, water relay, hoop relay, and tug of war! 

The individual events included a 50-yard dash, 600-yard run, softball throw, running long jump, basketball shoot, and standing broad jump. 

The physical education staff organized and ran Field Day with supervision by the classroom teachers. The PTAs provided water, juice and ices. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for all the sixth graders to be together for a fun day of sports and camaraderie.

Sixth Grade Field Day Photo Gallery