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Convocation 2022 - #All In


For Convocation 2022, staff and faculty listened to keynote speaker Gian Paul Gonzalez with his message of "All In."

Mr. Gonzales is a former NCAA First Team All-American forward from Montclair State University, a former ninth grade teacher, and now an international motivational speaker and the Founder and Executive Director of Hope + Future, an organization that provides health and wellness programs to guide young people toward a successful academic, social and economic future.

Mr. Gonzalez may be best remembered for his famous "All In" speech for the New York Giants that helped turn their season around to win the Super Bowl in 2012.  

For Convocation, Mr. Gonzalez spoke to the faculty and staff directly about the last few challenging years and how school personnel work tirelessly for children, often not knowing what a life-changing impact they have on students.  

He energized North Merrick with the same message he gave the Giants about hope, courage, self-worth, commitment, working together, and as in the game of Poker, going "All In."

At Convocation, there was a poker chip on each chair with the North Merrick logo on the front.  Mr. Gonzalez asked the staff and faculty to fill in the back with their initials and keep the chip handy so when things feel too difficult, the poker chip would become a visible reminder to stay the course.  #All In

Poker Chip