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Theatre Arts Presents The Wizard of Oz

North Merrick Theatre Arts traveled over the rainbow with performances of The Wizard of Oz on March 17 and 18 in the Brookside Auditorium.

Over 100 sixth grade students participated in the show in the large ensemble cast as well as backstage in the art and stage crews. Student dancers performed in the "Jitterbug" number, and student gymnasts took on the parts of the Flying Monkeys. 

The Wizard of Oz was produced by Director and Choreographer Joyce Kelley, Musical Director Gail Appel, Art Director Sheila Kuschner, and Set Designer Don Davidson with assistance from Lisa Lobell, Lisa Sokol, Christine Vanella, and Ryan Walsh. 

Starring in the production were Emma Klein as Dorothy, Joseph Lentini as the Scarecrow, Michael Martino as the Tinman, Tyler Cruse as the Lion, Mia Mucci as the Wicked Witch, Allison O'Lenick as Glinda, and Nathan Cook as the Wizard.

Ms. Kelley explained that the Theatre Arts performance was based on the original stage production, not the movie version, and she said the audiences really seemed to love it.  "The students were so talented and so motivated to put on a great show!," she said. 

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