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Field of Flags 2023

North Merrick held the opening ceremony for Field of Flags 2023 on May 18 on a bright, sunny afternoon.  The American flags and specialty flags will be flying on the H. D. Fayette front lawn to commemorate Memorial Day and Flag Day.  

Camp Avenue Student Council and adviser Irena Ruditser were the hosts of Field of Flags 2023, and the students selected K9 for Warriors as the charity to receive all proceeds of the flag sponsorships. 

At the opening ceremony, the district band, led by Andrew Brunson, provided musical accompaniment. Local legislators and the American Legion Post 1282 attended with their annual support of the event along with Cub Scout Troop 206, ready to assist every year!

Dr. Cynthia Seniuk, Superintendent of Schools, and Megan Ryan, Board of Education President, gave opening remarks, and American Legion Commander Robert Dishman provided a commemoration of the flags.  The Camp Avenue Student Council executive board members also spoke about the meaning of Field of Flags and the K9 for Warriors organization.  

Please stop by to view the impressive sight of the flags waving in the wind while they are on display, now through June 16.

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