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Red Ribbon Week and Unity Day

North Merrick students participated in Red Ribbon Week and Unity Day with school-wide activities. Red Ribbon Week, from October 23 through October 31, is a national education and prevention initiative to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and students are encouraged to make a pledge to live drug and alcohol free. North Merrick students reinforced the idea with different themes every day of the week, laser music concerts, and yoga classes.  Unity Day on October 24, is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Week, and North Merrick students wore orange and created displays in support of students who have been bullied.

Red Ribbon OMR

OMR students wear ties to remind them not to get tied up with drugs

Red Ribbon HDF

HDF students wear crazy hats to put a cap on drugs

Unity Tree from Camp

Unity tree created by Camp students