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North Merrick Students Participate in Hour of Code

Students in the North Merrick School District participated in the Hour of Code program during the week of December 3-9, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week. This is a global movement to demystify coding and demonstrate to students that computer science is fun and creative. Teachers were able to choose from a variety of age-appropriate online challenges from so students could create their own unique commands using basic computer science skills in an hour-long lesson. The aim of the program is to help nurture problem-solving and logic skills to build a foundation for success in any 21st century career path.

Camp Hour of Code

Camp fourth graders in Mrs. Rothman's class

 HDF Hour of Code

HDF fifth graders in Mrs. Kelley's class

OMR Coding

Mrs. Constantino led all classes at OMR in a coding challenge during library time