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North Merrick Students are Serious Scientists

North Merrick students in grades 3 through 5 participated in the annual Science Fair program in each of the schools during February. The students chose an area of interest, either singularly or in pairs, to pose questions and seek answers through research and experimentation.  They then created tri-board displays to demonstrate their results. The science projects allow students to become scientists who learn the value of discovery. The students were presented with certificates at the April Board of Education meeting where they presnted their projects to the board in a "museum walk."

Science Fair Winners


First Place - Rylie Sena (G3) for "Which Pain Relievers Dissolve Quickest"; Alexa Addonizio and Isabelle Latham (G4) for "OTC Meds and Plant Growth"; Samantha Kalinoglu (G5) for "Color and Heat Absorption"; and Ava Fugowski (G6) for "Bacteria Transfer"

Second Place - Daniel Raspanti and Yuming Zhou (G3) for "Which Breads Mold Faster"; Jake Maxwell and Kenneth Paukowits (G4) for "Air Pressure and Bouncing"; Mia Cavero (G5) for "Gluten Flour Effects on Rising," and Liam Osborne (G5) for "High Pitch vs. Low Pitch Music"


First Place - Josh Hammer for "Diving into Silica"

Second Place - Lorelei Guzowski and Lia Simeone for "What's Popping"

Third Place - Massino Castelli for "Density"


First Place - Gillian Maltese and Isabella Zenie for "The Electrolyte Challenge"

Second Place - Matt Lawler and Zach Sirof for "Parachute Race"

Third Place - Stevie Caiazzo and Fiona Wong for "Extracting DNA from Strawberries"