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North Merrick Theatre Arts Presents Peter Pan Jr.

Sixth grade students from the three district schools soared in the Theatre Arts performances of Peter Pan Jr. on March 23-24 in the Brookside Auditorium. Under the guidance of Director/Choreographer Joyce Kelley, Musical Director Gail Appel, and Art Director Marilyn Zucker, the youngsters took on the personas of Fairies and Pirates, Lost Boys and Brave Girls! Tobias Seabold starred as Peter Pan, Ashley Biggin as Wendy, Kate Ammirati as Tinkerbell, and Dylan Giordano as Captain Hook. In addition, Lucas D'Auria was John Darling, Ray Canning was Michael Darling, Lana Guber and Luke Okorn were Mr. and Mrs. Darling, and Mia Iovine was Tiger Lilly.  Students were also featured in the ensemble and show choir and hard at work on the art and stage crews.

This was the 20th anniversary year of Theatre Arts performances. New York State Assemblyman David McDonough presented Dr. Cynthia Seniuk, Superintendent of Schools, with a district citation honoring the longevity and excellence of the program. He also presented citations personally to Joyce Kelley and Gail Appel for their continued dedication over the years.

Peter Pan Jr. Photo Gallery